Identity and Strength testing by HPLC

We primarily test dietary supplement ingredients as raw materials, and some finished products, depending on the matrix or delivery system.

Heavy metal contaminants and elemental analysis by ICP-MS

We test a standard panel of Arsenic, Mercury, Lead, and Cadmium, with a LOQ to 1 ppb and also quantitate the elements in the raw materials.

Pesticide screening by LC-MS/MS

We report pesticide levels for most of the standard USP 561 list recommended for dietary supplements.

Microbiological Contaminants by AOAC and FDA-BAM

We test for E. coli, total aerobic count, yeast, and mold.

Additional tests available

We are in the process of adding other tests to our accreditation, though we can perform them now if requested. These include testing for residual solvents by GC-MS, terpene testing by GC-MS, and mycotoxin testing by LC-MS/MS.

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